Graze Craze is a great way to start a charcuterie business, break into the food industry, and take control of your career. If you’re looking to expand your opportunities, opening multiple units is an opportunity to see a greater income potential, create a better work-life balance, reduce costs, reduce staffing expenses, leverage operational expertise, and reduce risk.

A multi-unit franchise with Graze Craze is the perfect opportunity to open three or more locations at once. Opening more than one location allows you to build up a stronger customer base faster with the support of our expert multi-unit marketing franchise team to help you make the maximum impact in your area.

We’ve worked hard to develop our franchising model to minimize risk and set you up for success. While no one can predict the future, we’ve constructed our grazing platter franchise opportunity to be a low-overhead business with streamlined initial costs, and we include support for every aspect of the business.

As part of our partnership with franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG), we can provide our franchisees with more resources than other opportunities. These resources minimize some of the risk involved in opening multiple units, as well as greatly simplify the process of opening and running multiple locations simultaneously. Graze Craze offers our:

  • Ongoing assistance. With UFG’s 35-plus years of experience, we’re there to provide you with guidance and assistance any time you need it.
  • Proven business model. Our business model is tried and tested, proving that it works for other locations.
  • Comprehensive system. Graze Craze has developed a cost-effective, streamlined system to save you time and money.

Running multiple locations in the same territory comes with many advantages, one of which saves on advertising costs. By covering multiple stores under a one franchise multi-unit marketing campaign, you’ll see significant savings as you develop an entire market.

Another advantage is that we’ll help you secure marketing resources. With your initial marketing expenses, Graze Craze is there to provide you with marketing concepts, plans, systems, and strategies that include the necessary signage and marketing collateral, as well as a solid marketing campaign centered around your grand opening.

We will provide you access to multi-location digital marketing and advertising solutions, including advertising support. We’ll also assist in marketing and public relations efforts, that include internet advertising and promotions, mobile marketing, email and other digital communications media, and more.

To create buzz around your grand opening, we’ll utilize local marketing for franchises, including social media, press releases, high-end grand opening events, shareable content, and more. Our team of experts will coordinate the efforts of public relations to share information through local media outlets, key influencers, and bloggers.

Our team of marketing experts are ready to set your store up for success! We will provide you with a variety of printed marketing launch materials and an extensive online marketing campaign. This is accessible through our comprehensive dashboard, where franchisees can retrieve everything from business cards and flyers to your local website, online reputation and review management, online marketing, and more.

After your grand opening, we’ll keep you up to date by sending you bulletins on sales and service methods, marketing development and strategies, and/or business and operating procedures.

Graze Craze makes it possible to open multiple locations with industry-leading marketing. We do all the heavy lifting for you, but we’re collaborative: we’ll design your concepts around your location, staff, personality, and culture for flawless execution.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about our multi-unit marketing franchise opportunity for your community!