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Franchise Opportunities

Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Graze Craze has multi-unit franchise opportunities for those who are looking to open more than one store in a given territory. Learn about the perks, here.

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Multi-Unit Franchise

Opportunities with Graze Craze

Graze Craze is the food franchise opportunity to choose if you’re interested in starting a charcuterie business, breaking into the restaurant industry, or simply taking control of your career. What’s better than opening a Graze Craze franchise? Opening many, of course. Our multi-unit franchise opportunities allow you to open more locations with limited risk and low overhead costs.

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Minimizing Risk

No franchisor can say that there’s no risk involved in opening new locations – after all, no one can predict the future. That said, franchising with Graze Craze does come with support that other catering franchise opportunities don’t. For instance:

24/7 assistance

24/7 Assistance

The guidance and assistance of the UFG team, who have 35+ years of experience in franchising.

proven business model

Proven Business model

The benefit of a business model that’s been proven to work for other locations.

cost effective

Cost effective

A comprehensive system that’s designed to save you money and time.

Factors like these do minimize some of the risk involved in opening multiple units. But what’s more, they greatly simplify the process of getting numerous locations up and running simultaneously.

Invest in Developing an Entire Market

Graze Craze is a low-overhead business with streamlined initial costs. Taken together, that makes ours the perfect opportunity to open 3 or more locations right off the bat. This is a great way to build up a stronger customer base faster than if you slowly developed your market. And with our expert team poised to help you make the maximum impact in your area, there’s no reason not to go big.

Incidentally, investing in opening many locations could give you an edge when it comes to real estate. Property management firms that control commercial real estate throughout a region are more likely to give you exclusive discounts and perks when leasing many locations as opposed to just a few.

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Opportunities to keep costs low by

Opening Multiple Grazing Table Franchises

One of the best reasons to choose our grazing table business opportunity is that there’s plenty of room to save money when you open multiple locations. For one thing, we offer a discount on your franchise fee for each location after your first – that can add up to significant savings, especially when you’re developing an entire market.

Furthermore, running multiple locations in the same territory comes with lots of perks:
advertisement savings

Advertisment Savings

Save on advertising costs by covering multiple stores in a single marketing campaign.

supplies & inventory

Supplies & Inventory

Share supplies and inventory between locations.

employee growth

Employee Growth

More positions to fill=more opportunities for advancement, a major draw to prospective employees.

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How Much Does It Cost

What Does
It Take to Get Started?

Your food franchise cost will vary depending on factors such as real estate costs in your area, the size of your location, and so forth. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact us. We’ll consider factors like these to generate a customized quote. In the meantime, keep this investment information in mind.

Participating in our training program.

Identifying the best potential locations in your market.

Planning and implementing buildout and remodeling.

Securing the necessary signage and marketing collateral.

Creating a marketing campaign around your grand opening.

One of the best reasons to choose Graze Craze is you are fully supported every step of the way as you open each of your new store locations.


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