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We’re a franchise that’s innovating and looking for entrepreneurs in Australia!

What is the craze? Your customers Graze Craze food experience includes a fully accessible concierge grade of customer service at a reasonable price.

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If you’ve considered investing in a food franchise, our grazing board business could be right for you. Charcuterie boards have proven to be a food trend with staying power. They’re popular from board meetings to birthday parties and can be enjoyed by large groups as well as small gatherings or simply just for lunch. Graze Craze locations have already developed steady followings in each community they serve with house-made ingredients of the finest quality. Now, we’re looking to expand to new locations throughout Australia.

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what makes us different?

A Growing Industry

Sales of charcuterie-style packaged snacks and meals reached $378 million in 2019, with increased growth predicted well into the future. Along with that, many grocery and charcuterie businesses have experienced substantial growth over the last few years, including Graze Craze. Experts predict that the popularity of charcuterie boards is just starting.

Why the steady growth? There are lots of possible reasons.

reasons for the steady growth of charcuterie businesses 1

Charcuterie boards are often eco-friendly and nutritious.

reasons for the steady growth of charcuterie businesses 2

They capitalise on snacking, which virtually everyone finds enjoyable.

reasons for the steady growth of charcuterie businesses 3

Different innovative flavours mean there’s something for everyone on a charcuterie board.

reasons for the steady growth of charcuterie businesses 4

They’re visually appealing and a great addition to special occasions and everyday activities.

Charcuterie industry

Food delivery industry by 2025


Growth 2018-2019

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Unique and Affordable Solutions

Graze Craze offers a unique and affordable option for people looking to host a party, cater a work event, set up a romantic lunch for two, or simply treat themselves. Our assortments are completely customisable, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Franchisees welcome that there’s no cooking required!


    A UFG Brand

    Graze Craze is the newest brand to join Starpoint Brands. Starpoint Brands is a franchising powerhouse that manages numerous growing brands such as Signarama and Venture X. With 35+ years in the franchising industry, they’ve streamlined the process of opening new locations. They know how to bring newcomers into a business, show them the ropes, and set them on the right track towards growth.

    A Growing Industry
    • Charcuterie boards are a $378 million industry
    • People love fresh and healthy options like ours.
    • We offer delivery options, which are in especially high demand.
    A Cost-Effective Investment
    • Your investment is designed to help you see maximum ROI.
    • There’s no costly cooking equipment to purchase.
    • We’ll help you with everything from securing the right inventory to finding the perfect location.
    Flexible Qualifications
    • No food prep experience? No problem.
    • We work with franchisees from every background.
    • If you’re motivated to start your own business and ready to work hard, you could be a great fit for Graze Craze.
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    how we do it

    About Graze Craze

    Graze Craze is the brainchild of a U.S. Air Force veteran who, after years of work in the food industry, saw the demand for high-quality, convenient charcuterie boards. After testing out her concept and finding that it worked, she opened her first locations and right away started building a customer base.

    While making charcuterie boards is a hobby for some, many consumers find the process time-consuming and intimidating. Graze Craze allows them to delight in boards that look just like the ones they favour online and taste even better. Customers love us first and foremost because of the quality of our products. They know that a Graze Craze charcuterie board is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious, built by those who focus on grazeology. They also value that they can take advantage of delivery options in each of the areas we serve. We’ve taken convenience to a new level!

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    Great charcuterie boxes for 1, 2 or more! Plan a romantic picnic or have a healthy lunch. Super selection of yummy food. Fast turn around and great people.

    Nancy D.

    This charcuterie box was sooo yummy! I highly recommend if you are in the area. I believe deliveries in their area are actually free too! So many tasty spreads, dips, meats, cheeses, crackers, breads, veggies, & fruits! This fed 3 adults and we still had leftovers. Go try Graze Craze, Inc. Oh, and they offer a selection of #bedrechocolates found solely at Graze Craze.

    Misti F.

    We ordered Graze Craze for our daughters graduation party. Everything turned out spectacular. The food tastes so good and they delivered and set everything up. Carrie worked with us to make our day great. All of the guests were very impressed with the way it all turned out. Cannot recommend them enough.

    Angela L

    Graze Craze is our go to! We sent platters to our clients for Christmas and they were a hit. All were delivered on time and everyone loved them! We also order for our office every few months and they never disappoint! Always fresh, always on time, and always delicious!

    Kristin C

    What Does It Take to Get Started?


    Are you driven to start your own business? Are you ready to put in the hard work, especially during its early stages? Are you looking for more control over your career?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these, you could be qualified to open a Graze Craze charcuterie business of your own.
    Wondering how much you should expect to spend? The total cost will depend on factors like your location, the size of your store, and so forth. When you get in touch, we’ll take these variables into account to give you a custom estimate.

    Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about what it takes to open a grazing board business of your own and become an expert in grazeology.


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