Graze Craze’s first location was opened in 2020 by Kerry Sylvester, a U.S. Air Force veteran with over a decade of legal experience in the private, corporate, and government sectors and a background in the food industry. In her research leading up to opening the business, Kerry saw strong demand for high-quality, convenient charcuterie boards and recognized the value of the Graze Craze brand.

When Kerry tested out her concept, it worked! She opened her first locations right away and built a strong customer base. Despite launching during a pandemic, Graze Craze became a hit as an innovative alternative to traditional eating choices and remarkably proved that even during those tough times, Graze Craze could not only survive but thrive.

Charcuterie boards are enjoying a foodie renaissance. So, what is a charcuterie business? These “adult Lunchables” are not a new concept, as the spread of fanciful meats and cheese has existed for centuries. This current revolution coincides with the artisanal food movement and can delight palates of any age or dietary discipline with an aesthetically pleasing layout.

With the sales of charcuterie-style packaged snacks and meals having reached $378M, it’s predicted that the industry can see growth well into the future. Charcuterie boards are eco-friendly and nutritious while capitalizing on snacking (which virtually everyone enjoys).

Who Are Graze Craze’s Customers?

Charcuterie has evolved far beyond traditional cheese and crackers. Boards now feature different innovative flavors, and there’s something for everyone of every dietary discipline. These aesthetically pleasing boards have visual appeal, making them a great addition to both special occasions and everyday activities.

We make it easy for customers to enjoy charcuterie boards that look just like the ones they see online and taste even better. No matter how big or small the orders, customers appreciate that they can place theirs online and in-store with the advantage of delivery options. Our customers include:

  • Families looking to spice up special occasions
  • Couples who fancy a romantic picnic
  • Corporate accounts or businesses that want to show their appreciation to employees and clients
  • Church and community groups in need of catering
  • People with special dietary restrictions that can’t eat processed foods
  • And more!

What Are Our Stores Like?

Graze Craze locations are simple to establish and operate. There’s no cooking required on-site, so there’s no need for costly kitchen equipment. This reduces the initial investment and greatly simplifies day-to-day operations. Our franchise opportunity is designed to create less headache and a lower initial investment.

Since our stores focus on all takeout, delivery, and catering services, you can take advantage of a smaller footprint than a typical restaurant. Our average kitchen size is around 1000 square feet, which means our locations can fit into a larger number of unique locations than the average restaurant. Graze Craze can operate with just five to six employees/Grazeologists. Our Grazeologists take each customer’s unique needs and preferences into account to create the perfect charcuterie experience.

We source the highest quality ingredients in each category. We arrange those ingredients, combined with our house-made sauces, dips, and jams, in an artistic design. Graze Craze knows that a quality experience matters, so we guarantee that our customers will see and taste quality in every decadent bite.

What is Our Mission?

Graze Craze is committed to approach all our customers with a servant’s heart and provide concierge-style customer service. We build trusting relationships based on the perfect execution of design, the tastiest ingredients, and excellent customer service. It’s our mission to meet our customers’ needs before they know what they are.

We’re equally dedicated to the quality of our brand through both the customer experience and the employee journey. With regards to our customer and employee approach, we adhere to the highest standards, so you know that no matter which side of the counter you stand at, you matter.

Additionally, we’re proud to be a part of UFG Cares, where we give back not only financially but participate actively in our local communities as well. We’re also involved in Place of Hope, a faith-based, state-licensed organization that offers housing and support services to children, youth, and families in need.

What Are Our Core Values?

Graze Craze teams are dedicated to simplifying and magnifying our customer’s experience, providing in-house delivery, and celebrating everything. Our efforts are paying off, as we were named a 2021 Game Changer by Franchise Dictionary.

Our core values include:

  • Best in class ingredients. Graze Craze only sources the highest quality ingredients for each category, before combining them with an artistic design and incorporating our house made sauces, dips, and jams.
  • Concierge customer service. We want every customer to experience our team’s dedication to simplifying and magnifying their customer service experience.
  • Celebrate everything. Our mantra begins when team members arrive at work in the morning and continues throughout the day. Every order placed at Graze Craze has a special meaning, and we take the time to celebrate everything!